He who hath led…

There are so many times we  question the One who gave us life…

The One who holds each moment…untitled-8655

The One who has it ALREADY recorded when we were to be born and when we will take our last breath… The One who has given us SO many wonderful blessings…

WHY ON EARTH would I question Him??? Why do ANY OF US?untitled-8737

At some point we all cry out- “This is NOT what I had planned God, so…WHAT are you doing???”

Simply put- I’M HUMAN, YOU ARE HUMAN… We can’t always see before us very far, and that sometimes gives us an uneasy feeling…We want to be able to see around the bend, through the brush, beyond the dark alley…


But God… He always shows up in BIG ways! In small ways too, but those small ways are so amazing and always take my breath away at the details he puts in… I’m so Incredibly thankful- we are all blessed beyond anything we deserve…


One of the favorite things I have had scribbled on the inside flap of my Bible since I can remember, comes from Amy Carmicheal’s mother. It reads:

“He who hath led you, surely will lead

All through the wilderness.

He who hath fed you, surely will feed,

He who hath heard thy cry will never close his ear.

He who hath marked thy faintest sigh,

will not forget thy tear.

He loveth always,

faileth Never,

So REST on Him, today-forever.”


Isn’t that just beautiful? So wonderful, and almost embarrassing that I forget it so easily… that I have to remember that my God will NOT stop what he has started.

Be encouraged… God WON’T stop what He starts in your life or mine!

Philippians 1:6- “Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you is faithful unto it’s completion.”untitled-8742

*A huge THANK YOU to the Bobo family for making  it possible to keep blogging after my computer broke.*


One thought on “He who hath led…

  1. Thank you for speaking truth and seeing the beauty in life. Knowing that this came from you at this time makes it so precious!
    Thank you for blessing my life and for the encouragement.


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