Things that have brought me encouragement in this season of my life…

(If you follow me on facebook- you will probably see a few repeat images/shared moments….I’ve got to stop doing that- I forget to place it here and in my excitement of the moment I upload things to facebook…  Some of these pictures are cellphone pics and then some of these are from this winter, so there’s that…I’m working on it- there is no perfection in my life…lol)

It’s often easy to get caught up in sharing the highlights of life… I’ve tried to be open about some of the struggles (with parenting, homesteading issues, postpartum depression, etc..) But there are still struggles that we go through in life that we keep private. We all do for different reasons… some are going through harder struggles than what others face, some are less difficult than what others face…Regardless, we all desperately seek encouragement and answers from some place. Where that encouragement comes from is so vital in making it through.

And while pretending to be happy and hiding everything is my normal preference, I’m learning the importance of genuineness. No, that doesn’t mean I will always share details, or even that I’m required to give any explanations of my situations in life…But I will try to be honest in saying (and this takes courage regardless of who you are)- “I’m going through a difficult portion in my life, and would absolutely love your prayers.” DSC_7739.jpg I’m so thankful that the people who have surrounded us in our deepest struggles, have continuously shown God’s love and been the hands and feet of Jesus. Even if we are in the beginning still, I am trusting that God knows what He is doing.  Even when we don’t understand why things are allowed to happen, or what is going on- GOD DOES! And who are we that we question him? He created us for HIS purpose didn’t he? Surely HE sees us and our struggles…He is God. He is GOOD! And He SEES US WHERE WE ARE.

These  specific scriptures have been so encouraging to me lately:13977783_10154432648723833_1581476366_o.jpg

“Whether for correction, or for the course of the world, or for His loving kindness- He causes these things to happen.” -Job 37:13

“I know that you (GOD) can do ALL things, No plans of yours can be thwarted.” -Job 42:2

“The LORD of Hosts Himself has planned it; therefore, who can stand in its way?”           -Isaiah 14:27 

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in your weakness.” -2CORINTHIANS 12:9

With my WHOLE HEART I seek you, let me not wander from your commandments. I have stored up your Word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”        -Psalm 119:10 -11DSC_6770.jpgAnd when my heart fears situational things…things that might fall to the wayside and we can’t keep up…GOD PROVIDES…even in ways that might seem small to others…like a mowed yard by a stranger, or a close friend.

God SEES.13698018_10154396480283833_1157012535203484060_o (1)Here are some things that I have found encouraging lately besides Scripture and the godly people that have surrounded us:

This Bible study book, Flowers, Essential oils…13903292_10154416606033833_6835015964649146040_n.jpgReminders of God’s provision, protection, lovingkindness…these beautiful gifts…13920922_10154414153378833_79966577325806904_nReminders of the lone flower I talked about a few blog posts back & God holding me…DSC_8313Joyful reminders of the strong people in my family & the legacy they have given me…(This is actually a flower pot base that belonged to my Great Grandma…So I put boiled eggs in here in the fridge and it’s like a burst of happy in my fridge!) DSC_8536.jpgEven God is teaching me daily through my children…I catch a glimpse of Gods view and help in our own lives…In this picture- Josiah is putting his books back on the shelf, he is overwhelmed and feeling like it’s impossible. I as his parent SEE him, I know how they all fit back together-even though he cries out in frustration, and I step in and help my overwhelmed child…Just like God is our help & I am His child.

These two CD’s have encouraged my spirit in SO MANY WAYS… Especially the songs: “I Will Trust in You” & “Power to Redeem” by L. Daigle, as well as the songs “I Am Here” & “Peace be Still” from the Hidden in My Heart VOL 2 &3  CD’s….13950683_10154432635833833_511480433_oListen to the song: “I Am Here” from the Hidden in my heart Scripture lullabies Vol. 2…It’s amazing. I’ve been playing it as I fall asleep.

I’m SO thankful to be reading through this book right now :


I also was directed to this amazing prayer Journal by Lysa Terkeurst (apparently this author has greatly impacted my life!)… If you are going through any struggle in your life I HIGHLY recommend going through it! Its amazingly encouraging & a free download on the Proverbs 31 Ministries website:13988641_10154432648678833_878273241_n.jpgJournaling has been such a huge part of this portion of my life too! I had forgotten how important journaling can be & how you can see growth (or lack of growth) in your life just by reading previous entries…I had stopped because of situations, but I have started back at it…  It is blurred because-it’s my journal…haha…and yeah, I’m wordy….13931689_10154432856528833_45122232_oFinding joy in simple moments that otherwise would simply be passing has been important…DSC_8456.jpgSoaking in the little smiles…DSC_8494.jpgAnd relishing in the quiet that comes with the morning hours (IF I wake up before the kids-haha!)…Pondering on the selfless love others have shown me…DSC_8525Enjoying the coffee…DSC_8532.jpgDSC_8528.jpgOne of the things that is helping me most is this-  refuting any and all fears with Scripture, God’s Word- BECAUSE THE TRUTH SETS US FREE… 1d4cfdf29fa2af3319cedf839561fc52

I’m thankful for a pastor who is continuously reminding me of the importance of this vulnerability…I am still learning…It is not an easy thing for me…I know that we all deal with deep struggles, go through deep valleys, have seasons of sorrow- That is why this life is a journey. Journeys are not always easy paths, but they have high points and low points… So let’s learn how to be genuine together, be vulnerable with each other, and pray earnestly for one another…Maybe one day it will become a more natural state for me… In the meantime, this is where I am.

I’m thankful that God paints these beautiful moments  of beauty to enjoy…They encourage my heart that he REALLY DOES have the whole world in His hands. And if He can hold the world, He can hold us in our struggles. DSC_6459



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