Exciting news! *Read to the end for an amazing deal!!! 

I am SO EXCITED to let you know I have joined up as a distributor for Young Living essential oils. I have been wanting to be a part of a business that I could run from home (while staying with and raising my children), that would help financially, but MOSTLY that I could share something that I truly believed in. While I loved doing photography as a way to accomplish this, it took hours away from my children that I wasn’t ready to part with. And I’m not talking about “a little extra income” I’m talking about a paycheck! …Like a REAL one!..DSC_8452.JPGI kept having problems finding a business that I could 100% stand behind and believe in. So many other companies promise good health and even “natural” health, but their products don’t have ingredients I could sell in good conscience because of either misinformation, straight up dangerous products, or lack of quality.

But Young Living is different. Their products are pure, tested, unadulterated- Now that is something I can absolutely recommend!!! My doctor was shocked that I wasn’t already a part of the company because I’ve used (and sworn by!) them, and she gave me the push I needed to get going. I’m thankful that the Lord has put her, and many other wise people including my team leader, in my path to encourage me on this journey.

(These are three FAVORITE oils that are seriously helping this mama of three under three!)DSC_8436.JPGI have been using essential oils for a few years now & our family has loved the many benefits to our health and wellness! They help support the immune system functions on levels that far outweigh other popular methods. I’m constantly learning something new and I love sharing the information I’ve learned.

The benefits I experienced from using them during the labor and delivery of our sweet Adelaide were too numerous to list. (I will ALWAYS have oils during childbirth, and postpartum from now on!)…I am currently looking forward to the “feelings kit” that I have coming in the mail. It will help with my feelings of being overwhelmed, as well as help releasing emotional stress in a healthy way, and overcoming emotional hurdles I have been facing lately. It’s more than just making your house smell great…God gave us multiple senses for a reason, and NOT using them to help you in areas of your life where there is a need is a missed opportunity.DSC_8449.JPGI have found Young Living to be the purest and most effective oils, and I love that they have a seed to seal promise-that is why I recommend them 100%.

I’ll be completely honest and say that I didn’t start off using Young Living oils exclusively because of price. But over the years I found I was having to use more quantity of the other brands because they weren’t strong enough, thus I was purchasing them more frequently than needed. (Basically throwing money at them and hoping they’d be just as effective-they weren’t). And then some brands I’ve learned were using ingredients that weren’t even listed in the advertised oil! Others were using pesticides on the plants, or used seeds that already were formulated to grow with pesticides. These plants would then be used to make the oils, thus the products were spiked with these TOXIC chemicals…YIKES! DSC_8440.JPG(I didn’t actually throw the other brands of oils away- although the thought did cross my mind- I ended up KEEPING them so that you can compare quality if you would like to… You can definitely tell they are NOT the same quality, just by smell!)

Whereas, Young living products are SO pure that just a tiny bit went a LONG way, and I didn’t have to worry about poisoning my body. If you want to use essential oils for these amazing benefits- I definitely recommend using Young Living to actually save money in the long run, as well as see better affects from usage & be worry free of the product and its quality. There are SO MANY benefits to aiding your body’s health in these God given ways!DSC_8444.JPGAnother thing I love about young living is they also have natural cleaners, beauty products, natural supplements, and products for your pets! I recently started using the thieves cleaning solution and LOVE, LOVE it! A little goes a long way, it smells AMAZING, but most importantly gives you a deep clean without the dangerous chemicals that are in so many store bought products. And for people with young children who are crawling and seem to put everything in their mouths, this is a huge benefit! NO WORRIES!DSC_8437.JPGI am SO excited to see where the Lord leads this business and I would LOVE to have you on my team! If you are interested in learning more about essential oils, if you needed to find someone to order through, or if you already use oils but have been looking for a way to be a part of sharing these amazing products with others- contact me. I would love to have you learn alongside me, and I would LOVE to help you get started!DSC_8447.JPG

* The HUGE deal-I’m  offering ONE  $20 OFF coupon when you join up with a premium starter kit- but this coupon is first come first serve-so it will go quick! I am making my next order on August 18th, so let me know if you would like to purchase anything or if you want this amazing discount. (The coupon expires on the 18th, so DON’T miss this chance!)


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